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Real Estate Auctions

Real Estate auctions are an innovative and effective marketing tool that can be profitable to both sellers and buyers. In fact, under the right circumstances, an auction can be the most effective way to accelerate property sales and establish a property's true value.

Why Should A Seller Choose An Auction?

  • •    Quick sales and speedy closing
  • •    Reduced 'Carrying" costs
  • •    Obtaining true market value efficiently
  • •    Instant attention is drawn to the property
  • •    Auction creates an urgency to buy

Why Should A Buyer Choose An Auction?

  • •    Buyers know sellers are motivated to sell
  • •    Purchase property at fair market value
  • •    Buyer determines the purchase price
  • •    Auctions eliminate long negotiating periods
  • •    Favourable financing can be made available

Harold Magnuson has been working with Frank McInenly Auctions Ltd. since 1984 to provide a real estate auction service. Together, Harold and Frank have over 50 years experience in managing auction sales and selling real estate. They have sold everything from farmland to commercial, residential, and industrial property. You too can take advantage of this unique methold of selling or buying property. If you're interested in selling, call Harold to make the arrangements.